“ . . . greatest humanitarian crisis of modern times” Kristalina Georgieva, European Union Humanitarian Aid Chief

What is Artisans Lane?

Artisans Lane serves companies in the developing world who are committed to helping small, local cottage industries access global markets. For many, Artisans Lane is a marketing, distribution and sales channel for various income generation efforts.

Population of the
City of Los Angeles

Number of Syrian Refugees

Population of
New York City

Number of displaced
Syrians in Syria

A Nation in Turmoil

From a nation that experienced the Arab Spring five years ago, Syria has become a nation embroiled in long-term conflict. Syria has a population of 17 million, with roughly 7.5 million internally-displaced people and another four million externally-displaced refugees. Imagine a country in which more than one out of every two people have left their homes to escape war and violence.

Displaced Persons

Life is so . . . different

She sat tall, upright, with a dignity unlike the others. Young and determined she patiently offered her wares to each passerby.


The conflict has affected all. Savings don’t last five years. Once comfortable, even middle-class Syrians now find it challenging to put food on the table, find shelter, and obtain adequate health care.

So life goes on,  many scrape by working long hours that leave no space for hope. What happens when relief ends and life begins again?

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Our Products

Hand-crafted products means always having food on the dinner table. A hacky sack is only a simple toy but is also a new beginning. Working together, community is re-created and re-built forming new networks of trust and support.

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By mixing encouragement, incentive and opportunity women are finding creative solutions to their family’s economic needs. In turn, they reap the tangible profits of increasing worth, dignity and confidence.

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Are you interested in aiding refugees and others less fortunate?   There are lots of ways to get involved. Consider talking it up, volunteering, or making a referral.  We would sure appreciate your help.

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